Planificación Integrada del Acceso Rural (PIAR) - Taller de capacitación en San José Costa Rica
CD-Rom with training material for a Spanish language course on Integrated Rural Access Planning (IRAP) for international consultants and government officials. This training was carried out for the ILO in 2009.

Team-based routine maintenance of rural roads - A study on the potential for implementation in China
. CD-Rom with the different documents developed under this study in both English and Chinese. This study was carried out with PPIAF funding from the World Bank in 2007/2008.

Integrated Rural Access Planning - A bibliographic overview
. CD-Rom with a bibliographic overview of the IRAP planning tool, including documents describing rural access and IRAP, IRAP guidelines, case studies and training material. This CD-Rom was developed for IFRTD in 2007.